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Automatic powder spraying for building materials (aluminum)

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Automatic powder spraying for building materials (aluminum)

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Product description
Dber: V12-A CNC Intelligent Automatic Powder Spray Gun
   Different programs can be written according to different workpieces, including different variables of powder quantity, atomization, and electrostatic voltage. Up to 20 spraying programs can be stored separately to realize digital control of spraying, which is convenient for lean production and management.
   On the one hand, the controller has three standard programs pre-stored, which are specially used for spraying flat workpieces, complex workpieces and back spraying workpieces. On the other hand, the user can also precisely control the voltage, spray current, powder output and total air volume by touching the keys. Fully CNC programmable electrostatic spray gun, automatic spray gun can be linked and controlled.

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