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Aluminum automatic vertical line powder spray gun

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Aluminum automatic vertical line powder spray gun

V12-A aluminum automatic vertica
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Product description
The latest advantages of Debel V12 CNC powder spray gun are as follows:
1. The non-stop production plan, 24-48 mainframes, 24-48 automatic single guns can be separated and independently controlled, and the production data of each can be set independently; you can also set one of them as the parent machine, use this The parent machine realizes one-key control of other extensions.
  2. The CNC operation interface realizes precise production. It can independently store and memorize the used production data. It can also modify the production data according to the requirements of different powders, different film thicknesses, and different customers, and can automatically memorize new production data.
3. Ultra-high powdering rate, the booster module uses Japanese Murata capacitors, the booster coil uses Japanese Fuji enameled wire, and the working frequency uses high frequency 28-30KHZ, which increases the number of powder charges per unit time and achieves a higher powdering rate , The spray groove effect is better.
4. Equipped with the most advanced synchronous control communication system, this system can easily switch between master control and sub-control. All parameters, including powder output, atomization, voltage, and current spray parameters can be controlled and switched with one button to achieve fast The switching operation makes production more convenient and efficient.
5. The vertical line spray gun comes with one-key automatic gun cleaning function, which can automatically clean 24-48 powder pumps, automatically clean 24-48 powder pipes, and automatically clean 24-48 single-gun powder pipes, saving a lot of valuable During production time, help operators quickly change colors.

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