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Spray gun circuit board, spray gun main board, spray gun circuit board

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Spray gun circuit board, spray gun main board, spray gun circuit board

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Product description

Product performance: the powder rate is very high, a corner of the gun in place, life can be guaranteed for 10 years is not bad.
Product introduction:

1, the original golden horse PG - I parameters.
2, the standard sine wave drive, a higher rate of powder on the corner.
3, the use of SMT large number of patches: high efficiency characteristics more stable, more reliable quality performance.
4, the use of electronic components, all the world famous brands, manufacturers, fully guarantee foolproof.
5, the motherboard uses multi-level multi protection circuit, fully absorb interference clutter, effective purification circuit, to ensure that the motherboard is more effective and durable. Due to the static motherboard in the process of work, will continue to start and turn off the circuit, which on the motherboard to produce "peak voltage, inrush current," interference clutter. Can cause great damage or damage to the circuit

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Kinmen and Matsu PG circuit board wholesale, retail (lifetime warranty) and the original Jinma general
Automatic feedback:According to the workpiece and the gun needle distance, high voltage electrostatic automatic tracking, high rate of the powder, automatic adjustment of voltage and current, keep the release of electrostatic energy in the most ideal, to overcome the "shielding effect", Yin angle (dead end) on the powder.
Technical parameters:
Input voltage: AC14V/25W; AC20V/25W error + 1V
Output current: module voltage DC12V; valve control voltage DC24V
Electrostatic working frequency; 17KHZ
Working current: 1A (full load)
Display mode: voltage, current independent display
Adjustment: 0 - 100KV continuous adjustable

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