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High pressure module, high pressure bag

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High pressure module, high pressure bag

High pressure module, high press
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Product description

High flour rate
High voltage module:Features: 1, the original Japanese Murata capacitors, Japan Hitachi high voltage diode.
2, the use of integrated automatic welding.
3, the use of imported epoxy resin, 50KV voltage per millimeter.
4, high pressure bag made of imported enameled wire, more stable input.
5, can be customized according to customer requirements.

technical parameter:
Input voltage: 12V, 24V
Electrostatic working frequency; 17KHZ
Working current: 1A (full load)
Output static: 0 - 100KV adjustable
Output current: 0 - 100UA
High pressure discharge:Japan Murata
Characteristic:Integrated automatic welding
High pressure two stage tube:Hitachi
welding technology:The discharge capacity and the diode adopt the advanced clamp, the automatic integration welding, and reduces the forming volume effectively, enhances the usability, does not have the false welding, does not have the leakage phenomenon. Better quality!
Discharge process:
1, the 24 capacitors placed in the jig
2, according to the provisions of the 24 diodes placed between the 24 capacitors.
3, the overall immersion tin.
4, the use of ultrasonic automatic cleaning, automatic welding good product.
5, QC inspection qualified.
6, packaging storage.

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