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Automatic gun

Automatic gun
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Product description

Automatic spray gun performance:
Features: upper and lower limit automatic protection function.

(1) the use of all Chinese digital frequency control system, easy to operate, easy to understand.
(2) no wear three-phase motor drive, simple maintenance.
(3) travel and number can be changed at any time according to the requirements of the workpiece.
(4) the whole machine is sprayed with a tank track.
(5) suitable for high pressure spray painting.
(6) sound control procedures to ensure accurate positioning.
(7) suitable for all kinds of complex environment and high process parameters of workpiece spraying

Technical features and detailed analysis
Painting special elevator is composed of variable speed motor, high-speed rail, automatic frequency converter, locator and other systems can be up and down reciprocating automatic spraying equipment. Automatic spray gun mounted on the end of the fixed support (can be installed 2-8 gun) when spraying, in accordance with the pre programmed procedures for reciprocating spraying.
1, the speed is stepless adjustable (positive, return adjustable), touch screen monitor, the use of digital display equipment operation, operation method and fault alarm function.
2, can store sixty spraying workpiece process data. After power failure can be maintained for three years without re entering process data.
3, spraying the workpiece can be up and down in the travel speed of up to forty kinds of speed and delay spraying, which can improve the quality of spray coating complex.
4, optional with the conveyor chain and the gun control system.  

Reciprocating machine technical parameters:

Total equipment height Maximum stroke Vibration Motor power Stop delay Lifting speed Lifting load Power Supply
2.5M 1.5M <0.4G 370W-750W 0-5S 0-30M/MIN 30kg 220V
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