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TOP-960Powder gun

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TOP-960Powder gun

TOP-960Powder gun
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Product description

Dber: TOP—960Universal electrostatic powder gun

Powder gun advantage:
1, Yin angle shot powder.
2, precision spraying, precise control of film thickness.
3, uniform distribution of metal powder, dust free point, gorgeous film.
4, high powder rate, improve efficiency, while saving your expensive paint.
5, can be customized according to customer demand special nozzle, in order to achieve the best coating quality

Technical features and detailed analysis: equipped with the most advanced electrostatic generator, for the hard work, the angle of the corner (dead position) on a gun powder, re spray the delicate flow, metal powder gorgeous film. Automatic feedback: according to the workpiece and the gun needle distance, high voltage electrostatic automatic tracking, high rate of the powder (low powder consumption), automatic adjustment of voltage and current, keep the release of electrostatic energy in the most ideal, to overcome the "shielding effect" quick color change; a high degree of automation; save powder, convenient operation; high spraying efficiency. Safe, reliable, efficient and durable.

technical parameter:    
Electronic control system Built in electrostatic spray gun Pneumatic control system
input voltage:220VAC input voltage:12V Solenoid valve voltage:24VDC
Input frequency:50HZ Input frequency:35KHZ Input pressure:5.5-8bar
Input power:46W Input power:≤1A Compressed air moisture:≤ma×1.3/NM3
output voltage:12VDC output voltage:-100KVDC Compressed air oil:≤ma×0.01g/ NM3
Output current:0.1A-1A Output current:0-100UA Air flow:ma×19g/ NM3
Valve controlled voltage:24VDC Connecting cable:4.5M  
Input cable:2.5M    


 Single spray gun configuration list:    
1、Host one  2、A single gun
3、Each set of flat nozzle 4、Environmental protection silica gel powder tube
5、Large flow pump 6、Connecting PU tube
7、Stainless steel powder bucket 8、Electrode set
9、Large, medium and small nozzle set 10、Mobile trolley
11、Ground wire 12、Extension rod set



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