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E7M manual powder coating gun

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E7M manual powder coating gun

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Product description

Technical parameters:

Electronic control system

electrostatic spray gun

Electric control system

Input voltage:220VAC

Input voltage:12V

Solenoid valve voltage:24V

Input Power(W):36W

Input current: <0.7A

Input pressure: 5.58bar

Output voltage:12VDC

Output voltage:85KVDC

Compressed air moisture content:ma×1.3/NM3

Output current:0.1A-0.7A

Output current: 0100UA

Compressed air oil :ma×0.01g/ NM3content

Valve control voltage: 24VDC

connection cable length: 4.5

Air flow: ma×19g/ NM3

transmission cable length: 2.5M




The internal (high pressure) module of the spray gun automatically generates and releases high-voltage static electricity, and automatically tracks the workpiece by mixing with the powder. At the same time, the current, voltage and static electricity can be automatically adjusted according to the distance between the needle and the workpiece, so as to maintain the optimal discharge of static electricitystatus. The high-voltage electric field acts between the needle and the workpiece, and the powder is charged at a high frequency to increase the powdering rate, reduce the powder consumption, and save costs. At the same time, this device can also be used with automatic spray guns to reduce the cost of accessories.

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