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Overview of the origin of powder technology


Overview of the origin of powder technology

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  Powder coating technology, also known as powder coating, is a new type of coating technology which has been developed rapidly in recent decades. As early as 40s, some countries began to study the experiment, but slow progress. 1954 German James will use polyethylene coated fluidized bed method successfully, in 1962 the French company invented Semmes powder electrostatic spraying, powder coating is officially used in production, in recent years due to the importance of environmental protection, the powder coating has no pollution to water and atmosphere, has been developing rapidly.

  Process prominent advantages

  1、A coating can be a thick coating, such as coating 100 ~ 300 m coating, with a general ordinary solvent coating, about to be coated for 4 ~ 6 times, and with powder coating can be achieved once the thickness. The coating has good corrosion resistance.

  2、The powder coating contains no solvent, no pollution of three wastes, and improves the labor hygiene condition.

  3、Powder electrostatic spraying and other new technology, high efficiency, suitable for automatic assembly line coating, powder utilization, recycling.

  4、In addition to thermosetting epoxy, polyester, acrylic, there are a lot of thermoplastic resistant grease can be used as powder coating, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, fluorinated polyether, nylon, polycarbonate and all kinds of fluorine resin etc..

  Powder coatings for protection of electrical and began margin, with the development of science and technology, has been widely used in the automotive industry, electrical insulation, corrosion resistant chemical pump, valve, cylinder, pipes, outside steel components, steel furniture, casting coating. Since 60s, our country began to study the powder coating, and applied in production. Development has been widely used.