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Let pragmatic struggle become a habit / lead the development with exploration and innovation / move the world with the spirit of craftsman / build a brand with core technology

De Bell company specializes in: national high-tech enterprises with the design, development, production, sales and service of electrostatic spray guns, with technological innovation as the core.


Shenzhen Debel Spray Gun Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, has similarities with Shenzhen's speed, efficiency and development concept. After ten years of continuous innovation, experience and growth, it has now transformed into a rising star in the coating industry and is constantly developing. Produced a series of patented products, and fully mastered the key core technology, and successfully widely used; aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows, communication industry, auto parts, aviation parts, high-speed rail parts, household appliances, building materials coating, all kinds of sheet metal Precision spraying of metal parts, die castings, radiators and other metal parts.

With solid technical challenges and scientific and professional humanized design, the Debell spray gun is smart and exquisite, practical and durable. It faces the increasingly strict spraying quality and the three major problems in the coating industry; such as metal powder , Spraying of groove parts and double spray parts. We have completely and completely solved it, and customized spray guns with different performances according to customer requirements. Qualified quality is only the starting point for Debel to work with dignity. Perfect product quality is the eternal pursuit of Debel.



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